Fashionclash Festival June 11-14 2015

FASHIONCLASH Festival 2015 invites everyone to celebrate talent, the art of fashion and diversity!
The overall theme of the festival this year is GENDER, the sociological differences between men and women are discarded and we celebrate human diversity. FASHIONCLASH would like to cordially invite you to discover the uniqueness of the human character. Everyone has the right to a unique identity and fashion offers a limitless freedom of expression. That’s why FASHIONCLASH Festival challenges you to think about a world where the fixed gender codes and prescribed identities seize to exist.
Imagine there’s no gender, it’s easy if you try.
Could this be a possible reality or is it a unreachable utopia?

Where, What & When? June 12 – 14 fashion shows, designer market and expo at SAMdecorfabriek, Meerssenerweg 215

June 11 – 14 Side Program at various location in Maastricht.

For more info about the program, entrance & tickets visit:

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