FASHIONCLASH Festival is crowdfunding! The most progressive fashion festival in Europe is pulling out all the
stops. Fashion will clash more with the city and the broader cultural field. The festival will no longer be bound to
time and place! FASHIONCLASH Festival 2016 will be a completely new experience. By becoming mobile,
FASHIONCLASH can appear at special locations, events and in other cities as well. To be able to realize this
transformation, a basic infrastructure needs to be bought. The campaign FASHIONCLASH Spot On! attempts to
raise 30 000 euro in order to make this happen. This money will go completely to the purchase of professional
material like lighting, material that is suit to give fashion presentations of the FASHIONCLASH-standard.
Help support this new chapter of FASHIONCLASH Festival’s journey and help increase the platform for young
talent! All donations receive fun packages in return to see what you’ve helped create.
Visit and contribute!

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