Hello, My Name is Paul Smith.

30.01.15 - 07.06.15

As of January 30 2015 Fashion Museum Hasselt takes you behind the scenes of Paul Smith’s World where intuitive creativity roosts. You are introduced to the astute designer behind this British label that started small, but has become one of the leading fashion brands in the world. 

This exhibition starts from Paul Smith’s personal archive. From his first pieces, sold in a tiny store in Nottingham all the way to the designer he is today, and with pieces from his most recent collections. Along the way, we’ll see the growth of this major fashion brand and we get a view of the sharp-witted mind of the designer.

Hello My Name is Paul Smith peruses the various stages of design and production with the well-known hallmark of traditional craftsmanship with a contemporary twist. This exhibition reveals how Paul Smith works and what influences him, through projections, audio and video clips of catwalk shows and behind the scenes footage and an overview of all the unique Paul Smith shops.

This exhibition was put together by the Design Museum London (curator: Donna Loveday), but Paul Smith’s Belgian world will be about 400 sq.m. larger than the British original. The fashion selection was specially expanded for the Hasselt Fashion Museum.

Welcome to the world of Paul Smith.

“Not only inspiring but also a must” – Vogue

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Curator: Donna Loveday
Concept: Design Museum London - Paul Smith
Scenography: Richard GreenwoodGraphical Design: Aboud Creative

Hello My Name is Paul Smith – Published by RizzoliThe book “Hello, my name is Paul Smith: Fashion and Other Stories” is published by Rizzoli, price €49, available from the shop of the Hasselt Fashion Museum.


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